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Vacation Manager

The Vacation Manager automates the employees requesting a sick day and vacation. The employee will simply select their vacation period and their manager will be notified of this request and be given the option to approve or decline the request. The Software come with 55 different reports which can generate, detailing absentees by status of request, by employee, by department calendar or by manager.

This system has won three awards in 2008. It is one of the most customizable, reliable, affordable, human resource vacation management software.

02/29/2020 News: We had our 380 000th user registered.
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Approval Process:Top 10 Reasons:

- Integration with Email System
- Automated manager approval system
- Manager notified of each request
- Option to have as much as 4 approvers for each request .

1 - Single Sign-on with internal portal
2 - Won 3 Awards
3 - Sync with Outlook Calendar
4 - No Contract
5 - Sync with Active Directory
6 - Customize Prices for Vacation Tracking Software
7 - Minimum Setup Time
8 - Cludbased Software with hourly backups
9 - More than 140000 Users
10 - Redundant Infrastructure


- Reports
- Vacation types
- Approval process
- Vacation limits, entitlements.
- Pro-rated entitlements.
- Special broadcast to employees
- Setup for new hire.
- Seven levels of security access rights.

Set Demo Time

- Different security access for
. . . Administrator ( HR)
. . . Managers
. . . Location Manager
. . . Employees.
- Full daily and weekly backups.
- Assigning a trained support representative to your account for full support and administrations.

- More than 50 different reports.
- By dates interval.
- By users entitlements.
- By vacation types.
- By sick days, personal days.
- By individual employee.
- By Todays Balance
- By Daily Absentees


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