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367,000 Success Stories and Counting (03/30/2020)
As the market leader in on-demand Vacation Management Software, our primary source of new customers is the amazing number of "word of mouth" endorsements we get from our existing customers. In fact, customers are so successful that over 93% of them would recommend to a colleague - a referral rate unheard of for a Online solution.

Marriage of Social Media & HR Cloud Software
TORONTO, Jan 20th, 2018 /Press Release/ -- , Inc. Innovative solutions in Vacation Tracking Software. Imagine a platform where social media and company news can be integrated with your employee’s day to day activities through an internal website.(More) .

2018 a Flagship Year for Cloud-Based HRIS Leader,
TORONTO, Dec 5th, 2018 /Press Release/ -- , Inc., a leading provider of vacation tracking software has evolved and now has been engaged with a lot of innovations particularly integrating into a cloud-based HR software. ( More ) . Launch Single Sign-On
TORONTO, Nov. 27, 2017 /Press Release/ -- , Inc., a leader in hosted vacation tracking software and human resource software, today announced its utilizing IBM product, to provide integrated Single Sign-On (SSO) offerings including SAML-based authentication as well as Active Directory integration ( More ) .

COMMONOFFICE AS A CLOUD BASED SOFTWARE Ltd. started offering a cloud computing service known as Vacation Tracking Software for Christian Dior, as one of the North America’s largest absentee tracking company ventures into fashion related services. ( More )

July 1st, 2018: Toronto, Canada – CommonOffice.Com, a leading innovator in web based rentable applications, today announced the appointment of Yolanda Mas to the position of Vice President responsible for Sales and Marketing.

Product Award
ZDNET Reviewer - "Vacation Manager is a sophisticated system that provides effective time and cost management in a multi-user environment.

Best Business Software in 2016, Our highest award - 5 stars !!"

"The customer service at CommonOffice is PHENOMENAL!! I really appreciate your help and patience!"
HR senior VP, Yvonne Masser, Zurich Insurance

" Common Office has opened up a new doors to the future of our division". This new innovative service will carry you to the new millennium. "
Jim Jeffery, V.P. of Citibank, 2017 March

" This will revolutionize the collaboration and communication between employees. Consequently improving the productivity of companies.
John Chan, Manager of AVIS

"CommonOffice has opened the lines of communication for our organization and helped shorten our absentees request cycle. We can customize Leave Managment on the fly to respond to changes in our business model and requirements."
Ken Peterson, Director of SIEMENS

"During the last two years, has offered an excellent service to our organization. They have offered their full effort to keep our business running day and night. Great job. Keep up the good work."
Ray Makkour, IT Manager of Celestica, 2015 January is working with IBM and Lotus to create a great environment for small to mid size organizations to work on the web. ( Read More)


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